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The Cost of a Private Drug Rehab

The issue of the cost of private drug rehab treatment is perhaps the most troubling one to most patients. Nevertheless, there is no denying the fact that cost is relative when compared to human health, thus all efforts ought to be made in ensuring that anyone seeking private drug abuse help is not ruled out due to high costs. The patient, however, needs to factor this issue in when pursuing private treatment.

In comparison to public options, the cost of private treatment is much higher. Some state-run drug abuse treatment programs are heavily subsidized and, in some cases, offered for free. On the other hand, private treatment employs some the most qualified personnel in the field of drug abuse and addiction treatment. This ensures that their costs will definitely be higher than others.

The Cost of a Private Drug Rehab

The provision of exceedingly superior facilities also ensures that the cost of private treatment will be quite high in comparison to other options. Some of the facilities offered in private treatment can compete with those found in some of the topmost and world class hotels located in almost every single state. The technology and equipment used in private treatment is state-of-the-art.

Private treatment has been known to charge fees upwards of $10,000, and in some cases up to $40,000. While this may appear to be quite high and unaffordable to most people, the truth is that the high costs ensure high quality and standards of treatment, medication, and other services considered necessary when receiving private treatment. The high costs guarantee immaculate and uninterrupted treatment as well.

Depending on the type of drug the patient is addicted to, some of the best medicines are also used to combat and reverse the effects of this particular drug. An example is the use of methadone to treat patients who have been involved in abusing heroin. Methadone works similarly to heroin, though instead of causing addiction it reduces the cravings by the patient for heroin, thus leading to higher charges.

Some centers charge people using private treatment around $25,000 for a residential or short-stay of around 29 days. Any extra period spent in the facility attracts extra charges as well. 29 days is considered the minimum by most private treatment programs. Family members with people going through private rehab may not be charged anything or a minimum fee of $500 in some centers.

Anyone seeking the six week private drug abuse services may have to part with approximately $32,000 or more depending on the treatment center. These charges usually include a fee of around $500 charged in case of medical emergencies, which is refunded if no emergencies occurred. As expensive as these fees and costs of private treatment may appear, they guarantee the continued effectiveness of these programs.

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